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• Thursday, February 15th, 2007
VOIP – Voice over IP technology is been widely used for various purpose including local phone connections in USA. After VOIP phone/Internet phones came to the market, traditional phone companies faced a huge challenge and set back in their business. VOIP Phone companies offered all or most of the features for a small or cheaper flat rate compared to the traditional companies which charged seperate rate for each features.
I been using VOIP Phone(Vonage) since 2003. It makes it easier to get connected if you already have the Internet connection at home. Otherwise you have to the internet cable connection to have the VOIP phones. It saved me lot of money. For a flat rate of $14.99, I am getting all the features any phone company can offer including 500 free long distance minutes not to mention in-network mins are free. If you think, you speak a lot then you can always select unlimited mins plan for just $24.99 comparing to $50-60 with tradition phone companies like att or verizon.
There were some hesitation when VOIP Phones came to the market but with very high marketing campaign by different VOIP phone companies, it really changed the perpective of people to have phone from Internet. Recently, lot of friends subscribed for additional phone line and they sent to India for their parents to get connected. If their parents have broadband internet connection, you just plug in the modem sent by the company and you are connected. They can just make a local call to any USA phone numbers. Its so simple and works almost all the time. There are few VOIP phone companies already provide international portable phone numbers which can be used in different countries. Also many small call centers in India make use of this VOIP phones to reduce their cost of calling abroad.
VOIP really changed the way the phone works comparing to the olden days. You have to wait in line for submitting the application and then wait for your landline to get approved. Now its all done faster and it can get faster with VOIP. Around 10-15 years ago, you end up paying 100 rupees for a min of call to USA. Now its all free if you have VOIP phone in India.
Why don’t we see many companies coming up in India to use this VOIP technology to revolutionlize the phone industry. Telecommunication is booming like anything and the charges are way below the average call charge from 2-3 years ago. If VOIP comes into picture, then it will really bring down the landline charges and no need for wire running around all over our streets and potholes to be digged everytime they run wireline to the streets. Also it will make the phone available to any villages in the country. We just need a satellite internet connection and we have the phone working in that village.
Don’t you all think VOIP is the way to go to have all over villages connected to the main stream people with VOIP phones?!