A Friend in deed is a friend in Need. Friendship is a treasure, so lets look at some of
my collection about friends.


Who is a Friend?

     The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on
     a porch with, swing with, never say a word, and
     then walk away feeling like that was the best
     conversation you’ve had.

     A Friend is
          In touch

     A friend is always faithful to you, even during the bad times.

     A friend is can count on one to always be there.

     A friend stays in touch, even though it may not be as often as you’d like!

     A true friendship is enduring, lasting even when friends lose touch for a

     A friend is always there for you when you need someone.

     A friend is devoted to your friendship and will never do anything to destroy

     Many people will walk in and out of your life,
     but only true friends will leave footprints in
     your heart.

What is Friendship?

     Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives
     and remembering what one recieves

                         – Alexandre Dumas The Younger

     Friendship is always a Sweet Responsibility
     never an opportunity

                         – Kahlil Gibran


Choose Friends Wisely

Often, people gain popularity not for who they are but for what they have: money, beauty, a new car, a boyfriend. When forming a friendship, it’s crucial to figure out why you want to be around a person. Ultimately, if there’s no trust and genuine affection between you and your friend, you’re short-changing yourself. Friendships last longer when interests are shared and friends are there for each other during the ups and downs. Chose friends for their inner qualities and common interests instead of for their status.

Appreciate Your Friends

You and your mother just had a blow-out.You storm up to your room, grab the phone and speed-dial your friend.She’ll listen, be supportive, understand. When you hang up, you feel miraculously better. And when things are going great in your life-that friend is the first person you tell. So how do you hold on? By expressing how much she means to you. Show up occasionally with a bag of chocolates, invite her along when your parents have an extra ticket. And beyond the material gestures, be there for her. Congratulate when she’s feeling pumped. Never take her for granted.



Don’t Smother

Good friends don’t need to be together all the time. A true friend knows when to give some space, allow her other relationships as well as some alone time. If you’re too needy of your friend’s attention, she may begin to resent it and the relationship may come to feel like an obligation. Besides if you cling to just one friend, you too miss out on making new ones.

 Lose the Fight, Not the Friend

Even the closest friends don’t agree on everything. There will be misunderstandings and arguments-that’s OK. But remember that you’re friends, not clones.

Keep in Touch

Lives change. People move away, but call, write, e-mail; make the effort to keep in contact. Distance won’t keep real friends apart