Hello All,

Howdy friends? I hope everyone is doing well. It’s already end of Feb 2014 and sorry for the delay in updating about 2013 Charity Fundraiser Campaign which only ended on Jan 2014.

This year we reached another new Milestone by raising more than $3000. Yes, we have raised around $3050 in total which may be just little over $100 more than last year’s amount. But I am totally surprised by the support from new friends/families who were able to compensate the loss of funds from other old friends who weren’t able to contribute this year. Overall, I am happy that we continue to beat the last year targets every year and setting new targets for next year.

Thank you’s

I wouldn’t have done it without your help, so Thank you so much to each and everyone of you. Welcome to new friends/families – Arulanand, Mickey, Neeraj, Venkatraman, Krishna A, Hari, Sailaja G, Durga, Bala, Padma, Sugar Land Tamil Academy Friends & ECOM to our Sevalaya Sponsorship Family. Special Thanks to many of the continued supporters especially Venki(Boston), Siva K, Will Lehmann, Ashish, Sabari, Raghu, Krishna & Murali for many years now, who never think twice and send out their contribution as soon as they get my email. Your continued support means a lot to me and for the kids particularly.

Funds Plan

The amount $3050 is equivalent to 1 Lakh, 85 thousands Indian Rupees because of great exchange rate we have now. I was able to get all the funds transferred via proper media to our charity of choice, Sevalaya, non-profit organization.

Like last 2 years we will use part of the funds to open one new endowment(fixed deposit) account for Rs.80000. In total, we will support 3 kid’s education for many years to come. The remaining funds will be used to sponsor annual kids education for our usual 17(11 kids from last year) kids in our pool and balance will be used for other miscellaneous activities. Totally we are able to support 20 kids, including 3 kids from the endowment. With another new endowment this year, we are on target to reach 10 endowments in coming years to support 10 kids education permanently forever.

Here is the profiles of the kids, 3 Endowment Kids and 17 Regular Sponsored kids from Sevalaya for this year. I urge you to take few minutes of your time to check out Sevalaya.org website and see how your funds are making these kids to smile.

Again, Thank you all for your support and hope to touch base with you at later time.

May this year continue to be good one for everyone!!