Hello Friends/Families,

What a year!!! I usually start saying, “Hope all of you are doing well”. This year, it’s totally different. I have to ask, “Hope you and your family are doing well and STAYING SAFE!!”This pandemic has changed a lot in the last 9 months and there is new normal all over the world. Like many of you, I expected 2020 to be a memorable year in a good way but it has turned out to be a totally opposite one. It has been one of the worst years in my lifetime. After losing so many lives including my Brother in law for Covid19 at his early age, it has been tough times for our family and many families. God continues to prove again that our lives are never permanent which many of us took for granted.But we don’t have a choice than move on and continue our lives instead of keep dwelling on the past. 

It seems like the vaccine has been released and it’s going to be here for all of us soon. It feels like we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s pray and continue to be safe by wearing MASK and keeping distance for the safety of yours and others. Let’s respect our PRECIOUS LIFE AND OUR FAMILIES given by GOD and BE SAFE AND COURAGEOUS. We should get over this tough time all together very soon…
Quick Recap of 2019-2020 FundraiserWe raised together $5270 with your support beating the previous years record and our last year target of $4500.  With last year funds, we continue to support 24 kids in our pool plus increased fixed deposit endowment sponsorship from Five to Seven. In Total, 31 kids’ education was sponsored last year. We are getting closer to reaching our initial target of creating 10 endowments to support 10 kids permanently forever.  Thank you all again one more time. 
This year Campaign

It is going to be a totally different year because many are still suffering mentally and struggling to keep their jobs. We are going through tough times in many folds financially and emotionally.  I know it’s hard to ask you all to donate at this time but let me share what’s been the life for this kids in Sevalaya. 

Children from 40 villages in the area study in Sevalaya school and they depend on Sevalaya for everything. With the COVID pandemic, the Sevalaya School is closed and most of the students of Sevalaya School do not have access to technology at home. In this situation, a one-year break in schooling might set the clock backwards.But the dedicated teachers of Sevalaya have come up with a solution. They have formed teams, prepared a schedule and visit each village to conduct classes. All educational aids like books, notebooks, stationery are provided free to the students as always. The village Panchayat provides space in a common building. All precautionary measures like wearing masks, frequent washing of hands and maintaining social distance are strictly implemented. Teachers are able to give personal attention to students. As Swami Vivekananda said, “If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. If the poor cannot come to education, education must reach them at the plough, in the factory, everywhere.” and now Sevalaya ensures that education reaches the doorsteps of the children in their villages. With recent cyclones and rain, there is also flood in the region and many families are suffering without food and proper shelter too. Sevalaya is trying to help them as well.


It’s more than ever important time to support the organization to keep the promise of their young talents and continue their life journey. We will continue our support  to Sevalaya

 this year as well.  Even with COVID-19, Sevalaya students have proved again that they are hard workers. Sevalaya kids continue to prove in their academic skill year and year again by giving 100% pass results in 10th and 12th grade public exams. You can learn more about the organization History, Students success stories, view some video about the organization and their media coverage here.

If you are part of our donors family,  let’s do our best this year as well and come together to support NOW. We need you. Please take care of our yearly commitment to support our kids’ education. First time donors, I strongly urge to check about our cause and organization and donate to be part of our sponsors community. 
You can contribute in 3 ways easily,

a)Check – Make check payable to “Sevalaya” and mail to “Attn: Vijaianand, 800 Bonaventure Way, #134, Sugar land, TX, 77479. Everyone will get a tax receipt going forward if you provide your address to send one. 

b)Bank Transfer via Zelle using my email id, tmvijai@gmail.com

c)Paypal/Credit card– Use Facebook Fundraiser Page, https://www.facebook.com/donate/801190430462203/10221144945787785/No Hassle, No Credit card Charges. 

Donation Deadline: By Jan 15, 2021

Please do forward to friends and spread the word around by sharing our Facebook fundraiser page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 
It’s in the spirit of hope this holiday season, as we find new and untraditional ways to keep up traditions, that we encourage all of you to continue to find wonder every day. Find joy in the season, love in each other, and peace in the moments that you share.

Thank you and Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Your friend,Vijai