Greetings everyone,

Hope you all are doing good and 2012 has been working out well for all of you. I am glad to touch base with you all again in regards to the 2011 Charity Fundraising Campaign. I just want to give a quick update on our last year fundraiser which ended on Jan 10th, 2012. I was totally surprised and amazed to see the results of our last year campaign and you will be as well.

We were able to raise $2530 in total through all forms of payment which is $1030(68%) higher than last year amount. It was really great campaign by far compared to our last 6 years and I am really happy about it. We wouldn’t have reached and exceeded our goal without each one of your contributions.  As they say, “Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean”. Your contributions whether small or big  going to have mighty impact on those education hunger kids and help to change their lives.
Like every year, we will continue to contribute our raised funds to Sevalaya, India with a small change. I have been wanting to create endowment/fixed accounts which will sponsor education to one kid forever even if we stop raising funds next year. Since we collected quite a bit of amount this year, I thought this year would be good start. So this year approximately $1700 would be used to create one endowment and rest of the amount would be used to continue to sponsor some long time kids(8) in our pool. I hope to send an update again after 6 months with detail information about the kids in our pool.
Please accept my heart felt THANK YOU to all of you who contributed including many who continued to support this effort every year. I really appreciate it. 

Have a Happy Spring!!