Hello friends, 

It is the Holiday time again. A time of joy, merriment and great season for giving…

I hope you all been doing well.  I am glad to get in touch with you all during this time of the year for our annual charitable giving and raffle for 2010.

It’s the 6th year of this successful campaign and I am trying to continue this tradition with the help of families, friends, neighbors and co-workers like you. Last year, we were able to collect $1375 and sponsor 10 kids(pictured below and click to see individual profile), a big jump from 3 kids in 2009. We also donated remaining balance as a loan via which will continue to lend again when it gets paid back.  I hope we can continue the campaign with same stride like last year or take to next level this year depending on your gracious contributions.


As usual our funds will continue to sponsor the entire year of day to day needs and education expenses for kids at Sevalaya, a non-profit organization in Tamilnadu, India. An organization which educates hundred’s of local village kids and orphans and received more than 10 awards for their excellent service in the past few years. You can also learn more about the organization at this presentation. This year Sevalaya kids proved again both academically and extra curricular activities. I have sent the half yearly update with academic performance; check out at if you have missed it. In other areas to mention few, Sevalaya kids were showcased in CNN IBN (see webcast) for their contribution to the society in their own way.  


I just got a word about their recent accomplishment winning the first prizes shared with 19 other schools that are named the Top 20 schools around of the world out of 38,000 schools from 24 countries. Totally 250,000 children took part in the world’s largest “Design for Change” Contest. To learn more achievement, you can also check out the Sevalaya annual report.

To support this energetic and knowledge hungry kids, I request you all to open your heart and contribute graciously so we can continue this tradition of giving and make a difference in these kids life. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to help a kid’s education. No middle man involved and all money donated directly spent for the sole purpose to help kids. At these tough times, these need our help more than ever. Whether it is $10 or $100, there is no limit. A small help goes long way in making a big difference.

Three ways to easily contribute,

a)    You can pay by cash/make check payable to my name if it is less than $100.

b)   If you are donating more than $100 and need a tax receipt, you can make the check payable to ASTI (AMERICAN SERVICE TO INDIA)

c) You can contribute using credit card via paypal by sending money using Use this method only if you cannot pay by check because there is a 7% commission charged by paypal from your donation.

Like last year, we will do the raffle drawing with some decent usable gifts for the winners. Every $20 contribution gets one entry to Raffle drawing. If you contribute $100, you will be eligible for 5 entries.

Note: I am going to India by end of December on a vacation and plan to spend a day with
the kids. I also like to handover the collected funds directly to the founder Mr. Murali at that time. So please try to make your donation on or before Dec 20th, 2010.

Do not just think about making a difference in others life, take action and JUST DO IT!!

Please do forward to friends and spread the word around. If you have any questions, please
do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Your friend,