Howdy friends, Hope you all are doing great.

Every year for the past 6 years or so, I have been trying to carry forward a tradition with help of families, friends, neighbors and co-workers like you by inviting to take part in the Holiday Charitable Giving Campaign bringing the holiday spirit. This year it becomes even more important.

It has been a tough and challenging year for many friends and families who lost their jobs and many of my friends were forced to go back to India. This year is almost over and recession has come to an end which is a big sign of relief for all of us. We can all hope for the next year to bring greater perspectives in both job and economic front all over the world.

While we await to welcome the New year 2010, many of us including myself feel lucky and grateful to have a reasonable job and a decent life. We should be thankful and show our gratitude in some way possible.

What you think about and thank about, we bring about” – Dr. John Martini – from book “The Secret”.


Our funds will continue to sponsor the entire year of day to day needs and education expenses for kids at Sevalaya, a non-profit organization in Tamilnadu, India. An organization which educates the local villages kids and orphans and recieved more than 10 awards for it’s excellent service in the past 2 years, to mention few, “Achiever Award” and “Excellence in Social Service Award”. 
Another interesting story, Sevelaya also was a part of retrieving effort of an orphan kid named “Sai” who was abducted by child abusers. They also worked relentlessly for 3 months to found his parents and finally joined him to his family. Also this year few of my friends who came to know about Sevalaya as part of this charity giving, took time to visit the place with their family during their last visit to India. They were really happy about their fun time and  memorable experience with the kids.  You can learn more about the organization at this presentation.

Let us  join hands together again this year to make this holiday season another cherished one by making a difference in these kids life by donating as much as we can. So I request you all to open your heart and contribute graciously so we can continue this tradition of giving.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly to help a kid’s education. No middle man involved and all money donated directly spent for the sole purpose to help kids. At these tough times, these need our help more than ever. Whether it is $10 or $100, there is no limit. A small help goes long way in making a big difference.

4 easy ways to contribute

a)    You can pay by cash/make check payable to my name if it is less than $100.
b)   You can pay via Paypal by credit card using id
 or clicking this Donate link (Note: we lose 10% of paypal commission from your contribution, so we recommend you pay by check or check if possible)Thank you and Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Thank you and Have a great Holiday Season!!!Do not just think about making a difference in life, take action and JUST DO IT!!

Please do forward to friends and spread the word around. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

c)     If you are donating more than $100 and need a tax receipt, you can make the check payable to ASTI (AMERICAN SERVICE TO INDIA)
d)  We can use any of your unused Gift cards from major department stores which has a balance of $15 or more.
This year we are bringing back the Raffle drawing.  You can win any one of 3 exciting prizes (click here to see them which will be useful for plan your financial life.
Every $20 contribution gets one entry to Raffle drawing. If you contribute $100, you will be eligible for 5 entries.  You can make your contribution on or before Dec 31st and enter in the raffle drawing.

Giving from a full heart is one of the most joyous things you can do…“,  – from book “The Secret”.

One way to  show our gratitude is by giving and helping others in need. Last year, with all of your help we were able to sponsor only 3 kids down from 8 kids from 2007 because of low contribution due to bad economic condition. I hope this year with your gracious contributions we can get back to our previous mark of $1100 or may be even surpass to set a new target this year. 

I am happy to touch base with you again especially during this time of the year. It is the festive season again. A time of joy and merriment…