Hello Friends & Families,

Happy Spring to everyone!! Weather has been great in Houston and it’s going well for us and  hope the same from your end as well. 

I won’t take your precious time. I just want to quickly send an update on our 2022 Charity Fundraiser and share the kids profile and continued support and partnership with Sevalaya. Big Shout to “Sravanthi, one of our Realtors who joined our charity family donating $1000“. Thank you Sravanthi for your generous donation. 

We have sent a donation of USD 5714, see how that money has made an impact on the lives of 38 kids,

Donation Received – USD 5714 @ Rs. 82.075 = INR 4,68,976/-

Please find the workings below for this year’s donation of USD 5714:

1. For 25 Students Education Sponsorship Renewal – INR 3,00,000  (12000 * 25 Children)

2. Endowment for Two new children                            – INR 1,68,976 

Total Donation Received                                                    – INR 4,68,976

Total No. of Children for Education Sponsorship  – 25 Children

Total No. of Children for Education Endowment-  13 Children (also includes two new children)

We are growing our endowment total to 13 kids and continue to keep our yearly children sponsorship to 25 kids with all your kind donations. 


Have a great weekend!!!