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Let me start you off with a nice and spiritual story.
Hope you liked story. “GOD – A super power who always look after us. He is there every where and every moment to share in our joy on good times, guide and guard us on bad times. We just need to continue  to do what we do the best to make our life meaningful and wonderful. He will take care of the rest”. That is the moral and spiritual message of the story which I like to follow and share.  I hope you are spiritually up-lifted now.
I also believe, Life is too short, so just make it sweet by living it full and leave a legacy behind you“.
This website is my personal avenue to share about myself, my  experiences, ambitions, goals, lessons learned, photos and videos to friends and families. I also want to use this as a central hub to host some of  my famous blogs and articles. I hope it will help and guide others. I also hope to learn from others by your comments. As they always say, “Some learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from others mistakes“.


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