As an Employee
I got my first job in campus as a Graduate Engineering Trainee in Information System Division of Larsen & Turbo Limited, a Multi-National Construction Company, head quartered in Chennai, India. I joined the Team after my degree in July,1996 and worked with them for one and half year. I worked in development projects under DEC platform and Windows Platform applications. I got promoted as Software Analyst next year but I decided to leave company to work in software industry.

Digital Equipment Corporation, India, a multi-national company ranked #2 in the world offered me a Software Engineer position in Bangalore, India. I joined them on Jan,1998 and worked with them when they are taken over by Compaq and then by current HP.

I landed in US on Feb 1999 to work on Y2K Projects under Digital Equipment Corporation based VAX & VMS platforms. The chance opened up a big opportunity for me to experience the great dream of my life. After Y2K, I switched myself back to work in Microsoft products by completing MCSD(Microft Certification for Solution Developer). I worked in latest web-based technology like ASP, vbScript, JavaScript, IIS, SqlServer etc for HP Corp after moving to Houston, Tx.   I also completed MCSD.NET in Nov 2003.
As Self Employed Person
I got my Green card(Permanent Resident ship) in early 2004. I was forced to move out of HP because company was going through some drastic changes to send back all onsite coordinators to India. I joined a small Healthcare Management company after leaving HP for better career growth. I worked with them for about 2 years and left them due to limited exposure to new technologies in May 2008. After that, I started contracting using my own business. I contracted as Senior Web Developer for a loan servicing company for 3 years, oil and gas company for 18 months and currently working for oil and gas service company for almost 6 months now.
I have worked as Web App Developer consultant for many Oil and Gas Companies until Jun 2021 and quick my 7 to 4 job. I was able to realize my long time ambition to start my own business and become a successful Entrepreneur. Check out my business section.