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• Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

My Son, my sweet little son who turned one last week brightens up my morning everyday with his cute little smile. A smile which shows all of his 4 teeth’s on top and 2 teeth’s on bottom like a squirrel which is so adorable. He is no more a baby, he is a growing boy. Here in US they say, he is not a infant anymore. He is a toddler now. 

Toddler meaning a person who toddles, esp. a young child learning to walk. We are yet to see him walk. But he crawls so fast, we couldn’t catch him at times. He didn’t want to walk. We figured out from his laziness to put this steps forward when we tried to make him walk.

This is the right time to start walking doctors say but every kid is different. So we are just going to wait and watch to catch that moment. We did buy him a walker, hoping it will help him to use his legs and eventually he will try to walk. He enjoys his new ride in the walker which helps him to reach the untouchables and takes him to places.

As soon as he gets up in the morning, he unleashes himself and get ready for a big search like an archaeologist. He starts wandering all around the house from hall to kitchen to bedroom, making tireless trips back and forth to find every little things he can see thru his eyes and tries to pull him out and do a research on them like a scientist.

He has hordes of toys to play with but seldom touches it anymore. His interest are now diverted to search the house like a CBI to find something new every time, to poke around and play with it. He is such a Rat!!

Especially, when my wife is working at kitchen he just want to work with her like a another chef. He wants to know what she is doing. He also opens up all the cabinets and throws out the utensils from inside and tries to make his orchestra party playing and banging the spoons on the vessels. I spent my whole weekend putting up locks for the cabinets. He can no longer open it now, but he just waits for the nick of moment to get in as soon we open it to get something. He is that fast.
If he finds us going to the bedroom, he immediately follows like a security guard, opens up the dress chests and throws all clothes out. He then opens up drawer which he can reach and take out one thing at time to discover them slowly. He will try to open bottle lid if it has a lid with his strong teeth’s. 

If his eye notices anything under the bed, he immediately crawls inside squatting slowly entering at one end and coming out at the other. We didn’t even know that there was enough space under the bed to crawl. He does it with so much care without getting hurt on his head and gets out with the item like a soldier.

His most favorite things were electronic items especially he is crazy about my Laptop. He takes the cordless phone, TV remotes, calculator and tries to hit the buttons and also bang them real hard in the floor. They are still surviving so far including my laptop. As soon he find me opening my laptop, he just drops everything to get close to it. He slowly peeks his hand to get the feel of the keyboard and bangs on it. He tries out to see and looks at the monitor to see anything come up. I have to beg almost every time to take away the laptop from him to get some work done.
To stop all the mess, we put him on the Sofa or bed hoping he won’t be able to get down yet. He cries for a bit and then we won’t hear a sound. When we check him out after a few, we see him trying to get down carefully to start his act again. He knows to get down with ease from sofa and bed now.
He picks up every small thing on the floor like paper or thread and try to put them in his mouth. He does it without any sound. If we don’t hear his sound, we can immediately guess he is doing some wrong.

So when my wife just calls him "ASHWIN, Where are you?!" to find where he is now. 

He immediately throws everything in his hand and crawls away so fast, after hearing her voice. He somehow knows and remembers that we told him its wrong. He is so sharp.

Kids at this stage are like Parrots and my son is no different. They just try to repeat whatever we teach them. Right now he blabbers a lot and tries to call "AMMA", "MMMA", "THATA THATA", "No" "Nooooo". We are trying to teach him different words everyday so he can pick it up atleast few.

He is so crazy about watching the ad’s in the TV especially kids type ads because of their rhymes songs and colorful scenes. We have SUNTV and he is also an addict to some of the serial theme songs. He is so finicky and has his own favorite ones. He immediately gets infront of the TV as soon he hears them. He won’t even blink an eye while he watches them.

We found out that he likes to listen to music from his 2nd month. May be it the gene thing, since we both love music a lot. We use to put some good tamil songs and he sleeps without an hunch. His favorite was lastyear hit song from the Kamal movie " Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu ", "Paartha muthal naale". Its like a magic song for us to put him to sleep.

It still continues today with the recent new songs including new release "Shivaji". I also try to put him to sleep with a bed time song which my mom always sang to us. My fav. being "Kannan varuvan kadai solluvaan, vannamara thotil kati thalathuvan…"

I try to play with him whenever I get a chance, almost all the time. As soon I get home from work and he hears my voice, he just wants me to pick him up and hold. It makes me feel that he is been waiting for me but not yet exactly at this stage. I know they just long for attention thats all.
I play Peek-A-Boo, Hide and Seek, Catch me if you can, Swing, Horse ride and more. His favorite being the Catch me if you can. He will be sitting on the floor on one end of the Kitchen and I just go close to him to catch him, he crawls fast smiling and laughing and goes to other end of it. I then try to go to the other end of the Kitchen to catch him, he immediately turns around goes the other end of the Kitchen and game continues.
We play a smaller version of Peek-A-Boo in our bed. I try to hide myself inside the bedsheet and keep shouting at him "Ashwin, where his Appa(dad)?" and he keep searching for the voice and before he finds I just surprise him saying "Peek-A-Boo". He smiles and . It is so much fun to play all these games with him.
Kids are God’s precious gift. Its tough to imagine a life without them. They are so innocent at this stage, same time sharp enough to grasp things faster. They make your worries fly away far enough with their cute smile and make your heart feel lighter.
I already hear somebody murmuring, "Wait till they grow older". Whatever it may be, they are wonderful.

These things are just a few sample of all he got going these days. My wife couldn’t able to handle during the day. So except many more to come… 

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• Monday, June 25th, 2007
There is always first for everything in our life. Riding the bicycle first time, first instance of feeling love in our heart, first job, first time getting on the flight, first time getting married(I hope its the only time) and the list never ends. Adding to it, becoming a Father first time is also yet another memorable moment for most men.  


In the past, I used to agree with my friends that Father’s day is yet another day like Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day created by somebody for unknown reasons which got turned into a big business by Hallmark and other companies. I also felt that its not the only day we celebrate those people. Being said all that in the past which still holds good. I myself felt important to be celebrated after being a father now. I love to be treated special for a day. There is nothing wrong in it right 🙂

Like every women, Men also transforms himself to different characters in each stage of his life. But we don’t talk loud enough about it to be heard by everybody. Because of that, there is a rumor floats around the town that MEN don’t care much for changes in their life. I won’t agree with that statement. True fact is, we do care for the changes but we don’t show a lot to the outside world. So I feel thrilled in sharing my fatherhood experience.
I got upgraded(software sense, being software engineer) or promoted as a father approximately a year ago. My Son took his avatar in this world last year making me a proud father. That finest moment took me to the heights of happiness. Being a part of bringing a life to this world can’t be compared to anything else in this world. Its a blessing from GOD and not many are blessed and get to experience it.
 We ourselves were worried and longed to be parents one time. After marriage, we decided to wait for atleast 3 years before having a baby. Once we decided to have baby after that period, we aren’t blessed soon enough. 

 Meanwhile, we been getting hit by the rumors all around. Every time we call our parents, they kept asking whether there is any special news. They start giving lectures for hours over the phone about being a parent. We have to some how convince them by telling to hold on a little while. We felt the pressure all over us and frustrated at times. We thought we made a bad decision to postpone for 3years. We just kept praying and hoping someday we will be blessed.  

Our prayers were finally answered and we are blessed with a beautiful boy. I didn’t believe when my wife said she was pregnant. I had to wait for 2 months until we get to scan and see it in our naked eyes. 10 months might be a long wait but its worth it. He was so tiny and precious when I took him in my hand as soon he came out crying. 



 (A Happy Father hold Ashwin – 4th Month)

Time flies fast nowadays. He is going to be a year next Wednesday(Jun 20). This last one year was so much fun watching him grow slowly from being a tiny baby to an infant who can sit steadily to a toddler who can crawl and walk with support. We tried to take pictures whenever we get to see his cute smile and video taped memorable moments like when he start to rollover, when he sits up straight without falling and when he started crawling. We also started a scrap book to save all wonderful pics of him. Its a great treasure to have and hope to continue for years to come. Here is some of them.

Ashwin’s First Halloween Costume  

Ashwin in Sunglasses


We already celebrated his Ist birthday when we were in India last month inviting all our closed relatives and friends. It was great experience to arrange this first big event in my life all myself. Its the first time lot of my relatives get to see him and he gets to play all the kids in my family. It was blast and joyous occasion.  

My Cute little son Ashwin on his Birthday Celebration 


Ashwin and his Happy Parents cutting his Cake    


He will soon be a 5 years old boy in a blink of an eye, running out from home to go to school and one day he will be a big boy. Nothing can stop that so taking it in as much as I can and saving it in my heart and my computer harddisk.   

I think being a father is a true blessing. So I like to spend my valuable time with him and not let go of any precious moments. Every day is worth celebrating!!!  

But I still wait to celebrate my First Father’s day with my son this Sunday.  I also hope to be a good father by supporting him in all wonderful endeavors in his life journey as our son.   

Happy Father’s Day to All FATHER’S – Jun 17th!!!  


PS: I been wanting to post this blog. Just found the right time to post it .  















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• Tuesday, June 05th, 2007
I was just finishing up with my lunch which is the simple and most satisfying meal of all time ever, THE CURD RICE. A question suddenly popped in my mind. Why didn’t I ever thought of writing about it at all these days and started punching my keyboard.

  Nothing can beat or replace the cool refreshing fulfilment feel this simple and easy meal can provide to one. Its the all time favorite meal for almost all south Indians especially around the Brahmin’s community since its a pure veg. meal. I can’t recollect a single soul in my life I know off who Deny’s to eat the Curd Rice.  

Its served as a full meal in poor man’s hut whereas has the last part meal in rich man’s bungalow. It is there in every occasion. It served at last meal in the marriage feast as well as last part in the funeral meal. Without curd rice, no occasion meal ends. In feasts, Curd Rice is taken after Rasam Rice which helps in digestion and also tries to give the Curd rice better essence with more stronger appeal and cools down the stomach after a spicy meal.Curd rice also prepared and distributed in temples are so gracious to have as prasadam.


One wonders how come just the Curd rice can be a full meal?! I can assure you, its been full satisfying meal for years for many mainly for school going kids and office going adults.


I can still remember those days when my mom just fills my school tiffin carrier with fresh made curd rice for my lunch with my favorite pickle. It still follows with my wife now filling my lunch box with same refreshing curd rice no different in taste than my moms. There is no age bar for this meal. Some might not like chapati and some might not like idlis but nobody can so “NO” to Curd Rice.


Its the only meal which doesn’t need a big chef to prepare it and one doesn’t even have to know anything about cooking. Its totally no brainier to make this meal. Its so easy to make this meal which makes you feel good especially in the hot summer days, there is debate about it.


Curd Rice can be prepared in freshly cooked Rice(not warm) or one day old rice by simply mixing it to the Curd with some salt or no salt for a plain taste. I prefer to take it without salt to get the sweet taste of curd. It can be made rich by adding nuts, friuts like grapes, pineapple and spices like mustard to have little more taste added to it. It can also be prepared in vermicelli(samiya) which gives a different taste and feel.


This meal is the only one that can go with any kinda of side dish whether its simple pickle or heavy curry. Simple mavadu pickle(mango pickle) or lemon pickel goes well with it. Its the meal which certainly won’t upset your stomach anywhere, anytime unless its tainted. Its the no hassle meal which can be found all around the globe.


CURD RICE et all is the only simple meal which can satisfy anybody without any bar. Its not a mouth watering meal but mouth wowing meal!!!
I strongly feel that Curd Rice might have a long history going beyond the South Indians favorite idlis, vada, sambar and dosas. For idlis and vada, you need lot of preparation but for Curd Rice no preparation needed. Also idli and sambar can’t go places where Curd Rice can go all over. Its there in all places whether its hut or palace.


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