I always been a business motivated person. When I was a teenager, I tried different small business ventures like magazine club, selling homemade paperbags, detergent soap salesman and much more. I feel that it is in my gene to be an entrepreneur because all my family people are in business. After coming to USA, I first started a small gift delivery business from US to India on the web during holiday times and it was an immedaite success. But I wasn’t able to proceed because lack of support in India.
I tried Food Catering business for a bit and was able to do just couple of contracts. It didn’t work out as I expected. Then I decide to go and start something which I know very well in my current field. So I registered my first legal business in Dec 2004, a freelance web development company  named igurus.net.  If you need a business or personal website, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@igurus.net. Happy to share my thoughts or help if needed.
I also tried vending machine business and able to successfully do the business for 1 and half year with reasonable profit. I sold the business for 50% profit and got out without any loss.  I tried to do some importing of rice and spices from India in 2008 but couldn’t able to perceive on that business idea.
Freelance Web Design
I was doing few projects for local businesses building nice looking websites to support their business and also get more customer by social media marketing.We are also have developed few IT web projects ourselves to promote certain ideas in a way to provide platform to the local community .
www.moneyreallymatters.com – Launched in Nov 2007 to share my personal thoughts, views and experience about money management and financial aspects of life.
IT Consulting 
Started doing IT Consulting to major oil and gas companies instead of working full time. It will client based projects at the client facilities. For more details, check out my Job page.
Pro Bono Financial Planning Consultation
I want to start my own financial service  organization after getting my CFP Certification but it is going to take time since I need show 3 years of experience to satisfy the last requirement.  So currently I am offering free financial planning consultation by advising and assisting people to achieve their financial goals smartly. If you need a education financial person to look at your current financial status, you can call me and happy to check it out for you with a disclaimer.
Texas Realtor
I got my Realtor license in Mar 2011 and I am happy to say that I am a Proud Texas Realtor. With my real estate investor experience since 2007, I plan to help out folks who plan buy new or resale home by finding a great deal to meet their criteria and provide them with free analysis on their financial position if they needed. Another important focus will be towards helping people who want to start investing in real estate as part timers to add some cash flow to their portfolio or get more return for their money. If you need help in buying/selling home for you or for investing, visit my personal realtor website to contact me. I even pitch in 2-3% of my commission depending on the transaction towards your closing.
Small Business Owner – Great Harvest Bread Co. Sugar Land
I have been self employed for almost 10 years now. Being self employed through your own business entity is totally different than actually owning a small business and having employees. It brings lot of responsibility and ownership. I been wanting to own a small business for long time and seems like time has finally came in 2014 when we visited Columbus, OH, to our cousin’s place. They served us Great Harvest Bread and we totally hooked on to it. We learned about their bread making process and thought it may be good fit for us. I love healthy and natural products and being bread made from fresh flour with just 5 ingredients. I said, that’s the kinda of business I wanted to bring to my community. I started researching and want to make sure we have franchise location available in Sugar land.We started the discussion when we got back from the trip. I went to the franchise for discovery day to find out about them in Feb and signed the franchise contract in March of 2014. We plan to open in October which is really fast pace if all things fall in place. We been working in parallel to get small business loan from bank. I started with BBVA Compass bank and they promised a lot but never delivered and said loan couldn’t be approved in May. That really set us back and pushed our dates to end of year or next year. I tried through Fidelity Bank next and after lots of paper work and process, they finally approved it. We found the location and signed the lease in August 2014.

I came to know it’s not easy to get small business loan without any experience the field of business you are starting out. We found old equipment from bakery which is closing in Louisiana and bought them. We got it paid and moved to storage near us. In the meantime, I went for baking training to Dillon when family went to vacation in India in July. My wife went training in Sept after she got back from vacation. We also worked on finalizing the contractor and got the construction process started in September. There are so many things in the construction process starting from initial layout design, getting permit from city which takes 4-6 weeks, later preparing and demolition, actual construction and putting all other things together. We didn’t get the electricity on time due to lack of power serviced to us. I have to pay expedite fee to get it well in advance so we have the power for equipment installation. Got the equipment’s installed in first week of Dec and hoped to get them all tested and get occupancy certificate from city to open at least in Jan. We got the certificate on Dec 31st and all other equipment’s working to get open date set by the franchise.

We started preparing for the opening by setting opening menu, newspaper advertising, getting menu and cash register, give final touches, added art work to the store, drink machine, coffee machine setup and so many other things take care to start training a week before the opening. We also started the hiring process end of Dec and got few people lined up to start with us. Finally, we got the training started a week before the opening on Jan 19th and started making breads and sweets with franchise trainers help and I also trained the employees from my learning experience. We did winning hearts by giving breads to local business and advertised our opening.After trying out for almost 2 and half years, we finally sold the space to another business family to start a different restaurant.

In 2015, we opened a franchise Bread store in Sugar land with my wife. It’s called “Great Harvest Bread Co. Sugar Land“. It’s actually part of my plan to venture out and find some business opportunities and challenge myself to reach my goal to be successful entrepreneur. We couldn’t able to survive due to lack of community support for this kind of products due to high cost. We had to shut it down and move on. But this Retail Food store experience taught us lots of things about running solid business.

Texas Broker & My Brokerage

After almost 7 years of Real Estate Agent experience with way more than 25M transactions every year as a part time agent, I decided to become Broker. I took the broker exam and passed with flying colors. Then I started my own brokerage in 2017 with just 2 agents. Currently, we have around 21 agents and growing all over Texas.

Om Group of Companies

With over 16 years of Real Estate experience, I founded Om Group, a Group of Companies which is ONE STOP REAL ESTATE PLACE for Consumers and Investors and its one and only of its kind in the Houston area. 

Under Om Group, Om Realty Group is a Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage serving clients since 2017. Later added Om Property management, Flat Fee Property Services currently managing 75+ SFH doors under portfolio mapped in and around the Houston area and growing. Next, Offering rental make ready services for investors and remodeling services to Homeowners under Om Property Solutions. Understanding the value of securing investors assets, his team also offers independent insurance agency service under Om Insurance group. Om Developers is building Trendy Homes and developing Friendly Communities and helping gentrification in the north part of Houston.  

Our Company Motto is to 

“ADVICE, ASSIST & ACHIEVE TOGETHER” with Transparency, Loyal and Commitment.