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• Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I usually get a daily dose of inspirational and motivational thought from “The Secret” author as The secret scroll in my inbox. Today I got something which was good and thought provoking. It is about “Change” in life.

We grib about changes in life and wonder why its happening to us. We never was an happy receipent of change because we don’t like it for many reasons. We either have to change ourselves to adjust to the change which we usually don’t want to do it. So we don’t invite change with open heart but if you understand that change is part and parcel of life and it has to happen in order for our survival. I am sure you will accept it open hands.

Here is the snapshot of the scroll,

When things change in our life, often we have resistance to the change. But if you understand the structure of the Universe, life, and creation, then you will understand that life is change, and nothing ever stands still. Everything is energy, and energy is in continual motion and change. If energy stood still you would be gone, and there would be no life.

Change is always happening for the good of you and for everyone. It is the evolution of life.

I hope you learnt something in this post about change which helps you to adapt for any change in life with some openness…

Let’s welcome change for good life…

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• Monday, March 14th, 2011

Continuing on the same topic about Goal setting, I recently came across few articles which landed in my inbox from some reputed newsletter sources. These articles again stresses the same basic idea about how to achieve something in your life by just going against them with dedication, persevarance and passion.

Article 1: Desire, Dedication & Persevarance
I subscribe to Rich Dad, Poor Dad education newsletter from their institute blog and they send some good topics every month covering Realestate, Stocks and common sense. This month I recieved one that focused on achieving the dreams by putting the desire with little bit of dedication and persevarance.

I liked the way the author quoted in one place about the people who lack the desire to achieve anything. He said, “A lack of desire for wealth, knowledge, notoriety, peace, or talent is foreign to the human condition. In fact, desire is so innately part of the human experience that we should have pity on those that have little to no desire for anything as they are scarcely human.”

Click here to read the full article

Article 2: Power of Thought

This one surprisingly came from a source that never talks about these kind of topics. They just want to try differently this time. There was video titled, “Thoughts Become Things!’ by Mike Dooley which was very inspiring and touches all the basic aspects of how to achieve something you dream.

I read a lot about visualization in the book “The secret” and this video touches the same idea and reaffirms the fact that you can reach your goals which you set sight on but you need to work hard, stay focus by visualizing your finish line.

Taking the message from the video, article author dwells in deeper by asking basic questions like, “What do you want? A certain lifestyle, a specific amount of money in your bank account … a Ferrari 458 Italia? These should never seem like unrealistic goals because people before you have achieved them.

What are your goals? What is the end result going to be? You have to ask this question, because if you do not, how are you to know what to do to achieve it and how are you ever to know that you have achieved it? If you do not know where you are going when you start out, how can you ever hope to get there.”

I would recommend to check out the full article to get the grip how vizualization can change things. Click here to read the full article.

Finally, don’t just read articles and forget about it. Try to put into practice and you will surely see the difference. Once you start practising, it gets inbuilt in your system and comes automatic. Try it out and let me know!!

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