Hi All, 
Happy Newyear 2010!!
A special year just starting out a new decade in this 21st century.  First of all, a BIG THANK YOU coming from the bottom of my heart to all of you who opened their heart and wallet to shower donations to make this year campaign a very successful one. Whether it is small or big contribution, you can just feel satisfied that it is going to make a difference in some kids life in India.
With all your help, this campaign collected $1375 surpassing the old record of $1100(2007) creating a new target to go up against for next year. We were able to make this happen even when the economy is down and charity donations are down 30% in US. You really made us achieve this goal, Thank you all.  The donations came from all parts of the nation from East coast (Columbus,OH) to West coast (Los Angels, CA) but Texas topped it all out.
At this point, I like to recognize few people who really made a big difference with their big gracious contributions – Pradeep (contributing first year) and Srini Kamana (2nd year) & Madhavi Chintha(2nd year). Thank you for continued support.
As usual like the past, I am planning to donate the money to sponsor kids education  at Sevelaya. It will be around 10 kids this year from 3 kids last year. With the rest of money, I will be lending small amounts to poor entreprenuers in India who need money for their growth via UnitedProsperity.org. I recently published an interview with founder of United Prosperity. If you are interested in knowing more about the organization, please check out the article at moneyreallymatters.com
Finally coming to the Winners of this year campaign 2009 to win 3 Educational tools(one for each winner). Prizes were picked by my son Ashwin.
1. Kumar Elangovan – Willmaker 2007 CD
2. Pradeep – Guide to Investing CD
3. Sabari – Guide to Personal Finance  CD
Please contact me on how you want to the prizes to be delivered.
Once again, Thank you all for the contributions and making a whole lot of difference in few kids life. I will get back with you all with an update/report about the sponsored kids.
Have a wonderful and Prosperous New year 2010.
Thank you all