• Monday, November 26th, 2012

I been sharing my new found fame all over the web in all sorts of the ways from facebook to emails to blog posts. It is really an exciting moment in my life especially an unforgettable moment in my Toastmaster Journey which started 11 years ago.


Here is a short story written by my coach and fellow toastmaster about my journey to this victorious moment.

Last Saturday night a large crowd gathered to witness an extraordinary event. Seven of the very best would walk into this arena for an exceptional competition that began four months earlier, and this magnificent seven, whittled down from over 200 hopefuls, now lined up to vie for a single prize. I’m referring, of course, to the Toastmasters District 56 Humorous Speech Contest.

Spectators were entertained by every comic and rhetorical trick from A to Z: Acting – including real singing, Zany slapstick – a reenactment of a husband ruining real laundry – with REAL BLEACH! But the real coup de grace turned out simply to be the alphabet. Hess Houston Toastmasters’ entry, a walking alphabet himself, stole the show. Thirunageswaram Manoharan Vijaianand strode assuredly to center stage and began with a question, “TMV…What does it mean?”

Even having the best speech, even having the best material, even having the best performance, VJ knew, would not necessarily persuade fate to his favor. Using a power point to project the perils and pearls of his plus size name required the use of an often fickle laser clicker; using mnemonics, rhetorical schemes and simulated conversations jeopardized the audience’s tenuous attention span. Yet, the thing which was almost his undoing was the laughter generated by his humorous speech. Allowing the captive crowd to crow and laugh between punch lines, gags and skits cost this comedian precious seconds. With a strict time limit of 7 minutes 30 seconds and a speech that consistently timed at 7 minutes 15 seconds, time was of the essence. But the fates were smiling, too, and acceded to his race against the clock, winning the race the trophy and the title with just three seconds to spare.

If you see Vijaianand Thirnageswaram, congrats him and don’t forget to ask for his autograph. He is a champ!

Thanks Pat for this wonderful story. Today I was able to make this far all because of hard work and support from my wife and my coach Pat. I owe to them. Thank you also to all my friends who been encouraging me to do well and believed in me that I can do it. Thanks!

Below is the recording of the winning speech,

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