I feel lucky and grateful to be blessed with wonderful parents, good siblings, proper education, nice job and a very decent  with lovely wife and cute son. I thank God every day for this wonderful life. I also find other avenues to thank him by helping others who are in need whenever possible with the power of knowledge and wealth vested upon me.
I always been charity minded person. When I was a teenager, I operated a kid’s club and did local charity events in my town. As soon I started working, I donated funds to my town school to create competitiveness among students in a way to increase the passing rate of the high school. That eventually created interest among local town students to opt to study in our  town school instead of going out for education. I know the difficulties and burdens in going out of town for education. I used to travel 20 miles everyday in a crowded bus to go to school from my 6th to 12th grade because of bad passing rate of my local town high school. So I wanted to boost both students and school teachers moral to make this happen and it worked. The results were amazingly great.  The passing rate of our town High school jumped from 35% to 50-60% in just a year and there were many high scoring students. I was happy about the charity project and I continued for few years which continued to drive the passing rate to attract intelligent kids to the school.
I also volunteered in local charity events like Humanity for Habitant, Boston Marathons, City year, Houston Marathons etc., With lot of personal commitments in my life recently, I am not able to  spend time for volunteering. But for the past 5 years or so,  I have taken up yearly Holiday Charity campaign during Nov and Dec months and collected funds to donate to a non-profit  organization near my town in India. I want to make that as my tradition and working hard to bring families and friends together which helps to feed a cause. Accordingly to me, it is just a small effort but I believe any small thing can still helps to change something in this world.  If you are interested in offering any contribution, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I been donating the collected charity funds to  Sevelaya for the past few years to sponor kids education. It is an organization founded by one person Mr. Murali with a vision to provide proper education to poor village kids and orphans. Inspite of curriculums, organization and school incorporates the teachings of three great men Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanada and Bharathiyar’s as part of the kids life to enrich their behavior as a foundation for their future. Currently we sponsor 10 kids(check out their profile) which was an increase from 3 kids in 2008.  With more help from friends and families towards this year charity campaign like last year, I am hoping to sponsor more kids this year as well. Holiday Charity Campaign 2010 is coming up soon..
Recently, I also started lending via Kiva.org and UnitedProsperity.org to needy entreprenuers around the world.
United Prosperity
It is new path using micro finance and micro lending strategy to help people who are in need of money to develop their business which inturn help improve their life style. I actually interviewed the founder of UnitedProperity, Bhalchander and published in my nrimoneyreallymatters.com website. Do check out and learn more about micro lending and try to contribute starting as small as $10.