Who I am

Hi, I am Vijaianand Thirunageswaram, nickname “Vijai”. I was born and brought up in a small town called “Kundrathur“, near Chennai, India. I am a simple person with decent character and positive attitude with an urge to excel as a successful human being in my life. Currently I live in Sugar Land TX, USA with my lovely wife Aruna and 2 sons Ashwin & Akhil. Many have asked me about the need and real meaning of name. “Vijai anand” means “always find happiness in victory” and “Thirunageswaram” is the old literature name of my town. My town (Kundrathur, previously called as East Thirnageswaram) was famous for the birth of Poet Sekkizhar who compiled and wrote famous tamil epic “Periya Puranam“.

Currently, I am doing IT Consulting in Microsoft .NET platform for a Energy company in Houston. I have also been a successful and smart Houston Realtor representing many clients who came via friends circle and word of mouth since 2011. I have represented almost 25 millions dollar worth of transactions in the past few years. I have helped many friends to start their real estate investment portfolio which really been good diversification apart from stocks. In 2015, I also opened a franchise Bread store in Sugar land with my wife. It’s called “Great Harvest Bread Co. Sugar Land“. It’s actually part of my plan to venture out and find some business opportunities and challenge myself to reach my goal to be successful entrepreneur. I will share about our 1 year journey in the Business section.

To share you all some background about myself. I did my schooling in Kundrathur Convent till 5th grade, 6-10th grade in St. Thomas Mount Higher Secondary school, Chennai and finished 12th grade in A.J.S Nidhi Higher Secondary School, Chennai. I graduated as Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

I started my career as a Software Analyst in Larson & Toubro. I lived in India for 24 years of my life and currently living in USA since year 1999. I am Self employed as Senior Web Developer through my own web design company, iGurus.net. You can check more about my job and business at the profession section.

I am a goal oriented and organized person. I always like to set goals, draft a plan and execute by taking action whether it comes to my personal, financial or professional life. I truly believe without a target in mind, one cannot aim their effort to reach success. It is similar to aiming an arrow without a set target. I like to add meaning and material to my life.

I love mother nature and like to go on adventure trips. When I was in college, we went to many closeby hill places and hiked them. I continued when I was living in Lowell near Boston. I used to go out for hiking, biking to the White Mountains, New Hampshire. I also been to many historic and tourist places in many US states of America like Niagara falls – NY, Statue of Liberty – NY, New jersey, White House, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial – Washington DC, Columbus-OH, Loueville-KY, Orlando-FL, SanFransico, Los Angles – CA, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon – NV. I drove by car to most of these places, because I love to drive.

I like to learn and try out new things. When I was bachelor in Boston, I got introduced to Ballroom dancing & Lindy Hop. I learnt them very seriously for almost 4 years taking both group and private classes. Dancing has become a passion to me. During that time, I also discovered new friends Dave, John, Nancy and Sylvia. Till date, I continue to maintain their friendship. They are one among many great things happened in my life.

After getting married and I moved to Houston and continued to my career and new married life. My wife Aruna showed interest in dancing so we started to take few classes together and we danced in some open dance classes. It is really great fun dancing with my wife. I have also taken classes for Ice Skating, learned how to skate and have fun. I also Skied during winter time in Boston. I can still remember my first ski lesson and my last sk trip which I skied double diamond rides.

I never like to stay home and watch TV like couch potato. I believe in active, healthy life and like to try out anything possible within my reach and capacity. I like to set realistic goals, never ever give up on them, be persistant and confident to reach them with hard work. I like to be Good, Do Good and Think Good all the time.