• Tuesday, June 05th, 2007
I was just finishing up with my lunch which is the simple and most satisfying meal of all time ever, THE CURD RICE. A question suddenly popped in my mind. Why didn’t I ever thought of writing about it at all these days and started punching my keyboard.

  Nothing can beat or replace the cool refreshing fulfilment feel this simple and easy meal can provide to one. Its the all time favorite meal for almost all south Indians especially around the Brahmin’s community since its a pure veg. meal. I can’t recollect a single soul in my life I know off who Deny’s to eat the Curd Rice.  

Its served as a full meal in poor man’s hut whereas has the last part meal in rich man’s bungalow. It is there in every occasion. It served at last meal in the marriage feast as well as last part in the funeral meal. Without curd rice, no occasion meal ends. In feasts, Curd Rice is taken after Rasam Rice which helps in digestion and also tries to give the Curd rice better essence with more stronger appeal and cools down the stomach after a spicy meal.Curd rice also prepared and distributed in temples are so gracious to have as prasadam.


One wonders how come just the Curd rice can be a full meal?! I can assure you, its been full satisfying meal for years for many mainly for school going kids and office going adults.


I can still remember those days when my mom just fills my school tiffin carrier with fresh made curd rice for my lunch with my favorite pickle. It still follows with my wife now filling my lunch box with same refreshing curd rice no different in taste than my moms. There is no age bar for this meal. Some might not like chapati and some might not like idlis but nobody can so “NO” to Curd Rice.


Its the only meal which doesn’t need a big chef to prepare it and one doesn’t even have to know anything about cooking. Its totally no brainier to make this meal. Its so easy to make this meal which makes you feel good especially in the hot summer days, there is debate about it.


Curd Rice can be prepared in freshly cooked Rice(not warm) or one day old rice by simply mixing it to the Curd with some salt or no salt for a plain taste. I prefer to take it without salt to get the sweet taste of curd. It can be made rich by adding nuts, friuts like grapes, pineapple and spices like mustard to have little more taste added to it. It can also be prepared in vermicelli(samiya) which gives a different taste and feel.


This meal is the only one that can go with any kinda of side dish whether its simple pickle or heavy curry. Simple mavadu pickle(mango pickle) or lemon pickel goes well with it. Its the meal which certainly won’t upset your stomach anywhere, anytime unless its tainted. Its the no hassle meal which can be found all around the globe.


CURD RICE et all is the only simple meal which can satisfy anybody without any bar. Its not a mouth watering meal but mouth wowing meal!!!
I strongly feel that Curd Rice might have a long history going beyond the South Indians favorite idlis, vada, sambar and dosas. For idlis and vada, you need lot of preparation but for Curd Rice no preparation needed. Also idli and sambar can’t go places where Curd Rice can go all over. Its there in all places whether its hut or palace.


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