• Friday, January 05th, 2007

was browsing the latest news today while I was eating my lunch. Its my daily habit to spend atleast 15mins reading to catch up some India news. I know that within 15mins I wouldn’t be able to cover all of it but atleast the main new topics which makes me feel atleast a not far away from home.

The News topic which pondered my attention today was our honorable President Dr.Kalam’s visit to Science conference in Chidambaram. He gave medals/Awards for best young scientist which is really a very good thing. I thought, If we have good young and experienced scientist, why can we just create our own products and leverage them.

For example, China is a big source and back bone to US economy. Without China, US can’t survive. Most the products from US comes from China. But China brought up new reforms in his economy, to avoid using foreign inventions and patents and encourage people to invent and use them. They have less tax for the products invented, patented and made by China then comparing to products patended by other countries. They have to pay huge tax for the foreign orginated products. This way, they pushing the big companies to invent new things on their own in China and make mass production for their own people. Once this comes to effect,other big companies outside of china will start buying Chinese invented products and use them..

Why can’t india do that too ? We use Dell & HP machines created in India using Intel and Microsoft technology. Why can’t we invent new processors and new OS and implement our own PC just as a sample..

Its Dr.Kalam’s dreams for all of us to dream and invent a well developed country.. Why can’t this be a start ?!

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